Anchorage Bubble Walk

Our Mission

To spread awareness and understanding of depression  and related illnesses, and to decrease the stigma that often surrounds them.
To help those struggling learn about what resources and practices are available in our community to help in coping with  depression and related  illnesses.
To facilitate well-being in the community and individuals through raising funds to make resources readily available to more people.
All funds raised will go to support depression groups and programs run by Anchorage Community Mental Health Services.
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Sasha Smith - Founder
Larry Holman - Co Chair
Sonnet Calhoun - Accounting
The lighthearted atmosphere and happy attitude that bubble-blowing evoked while on a walk with my  mom and sisters was the inspiration for the Bubble Walk.  I  have struggled with depression for the better part of my life, and have known for some time that I wanted to do something in my community to raise awareness and understanding of depression.  I decided that getting the community together to talk about these issues while engaging in a fun activity was something I could try.  It's my hope that this event will be a joyful and strengthening affirmation of our power, even in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity.
I started a fundraising project, Ride for Life, Alaska in 2004 when I got colorectal cancer.  We organized an event to raise money for colon screening and education for 10 years. After  I retired from organizing, I  became aware of the “Bubble Walk”  idea and loved it.  I  decided to get involved through offering my already organized non-profit organization to assist in putting on a well needed event.  I am in the mental health business and am aware how impactful depression and suicide can be in families.  Great idea and great cause…very simply.
I am the mother of four adult children, and step-mother of two adult children. I have struggled with depression for many years. My two sisters and three of my children struggle with depression as well. We have lost a family member to suicide and the issue of mental health has greatly impacted our lives. I am excited to be a part of this group to spread the message of hope and awareness to those who are struggling, and to those who support those who struggle. 
Tyler Smith - Administrative Support
Sydne Adams -  Merchandise
Katie Browning - Marketing
I was raised in Alaska and now live here with my husband Anthony and our soon to arrive son! This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. There are many of my loved ones who suffer from anxiety and depression, and we have tragically lost some to suicide. My goal is to help as many people and prevent as many suicides as we possibly can. I believe that no one should have to feel that alone or lost. Please join us in this fight, come walk with us!
I am a  current resident of Anchorage, active community member, and a graduate of University of Anchorage, Alaska.
I am passionate about bringing awareness and de-stigmatizing depression not only within the Anchorage community, but for everyone!  As a psychology graduate and former counselor, I  have seen  just how much the Anchorage community suffers from depression.  I  firmly believe that bringing knowledge and awareness of depression will help get the community not only talking, but reaching out to those who suffer and offer appropriate help. This is why the Bubble Walk is so important to me; I think  this community event is a great and fun way to start a hard discussion.
I am a student at University of Alaska Anchorage and husband to the Bubble Walk's founder, Sasha Smith.  I have had friends and family who have struggled with this very real disorder, and I've lost people that I  care  about to depression-related deaths.  Having seen how depression can make people feel alone, I  joined the Bubble Walk committee because nobody should have to feel that way.
Chelsea Bennett - Event Entertainment
Rick Novy - Volunteers
I grew up in a military family and have a beautiful 18 year old daughter.  Through the years of working in the military and municipal employment I've known friends and coworkers with depression and  several have committed suicide. 
I got involved with this project to help myself and others to maybe get a better understanding of symptoms, what signs to look for, what may be causing the depression, and what types of treatment are available.